I have started recieving bounced spam email again. If you have come here because you got a spam email from a harthinian.com email address, it is not from us. We had this problem a couple of years ago as well, spammers decided to use our domain as a return address in their spam so we got the bounces instead of them.

This domain exists for a hobby game that was being worked on but work has now sadly stopped. Since then I have been using it for a few other personal hobby sites (astronomy, electronics and photography, computer gaming), personal email for myself and a few (trusted) friends and family and nothing else.

If you recieve spam at all from any source just delete it. Don't buy anything from them or the spam problem just gets worse for everyone. Search the internet for items you want or go and see your doctor for medication. Cheap deals do not come looking for you.

Dan (dan@harthinian.com)
November 9th 2008